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Young UM Alumni get together for Happy Hour and networking events.  
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"Hillel at the University of Miami changed my life. While this may sound like a monumental statement to make, it is nothing short of the truth. I had a wonderful upbringing that I am ever so grateful for and proud of. Yet, something lacked slightly in my journey into adulthood, and that was my connection to Judaism. Hillel at the University of Miami filled this void with open arms and introduced me to the precious gift of being a Jew. My involvement with Hillel for the past six years, four of them as a student and two of them as an alumni, has shaped me into the person I am today. I am everything I want to be and that is because of Hillel. From creating speed-dating events with mariachi performers (Kosher Meat Market 2008) to helping establish a professional networking organization for students (Mentorship Program 2009) to raising awareness for genocide in Darfur (Genocide Ends Today 2007) to going on a free trip to Israel (Birthright Winter 2010) to helping produce a fashion show for charity (Hillel Fashion Show 2011) to having Shabbat dinner with UMiami President Donna Shalala (Shabbat with Shalala), I just don't know what more to say. I hope all new students get involved with Hillel from day one of their journey as a Miami Hurricane. Hillel has something for everyone!" -Tyler Baram, 2011

"I can't tell you how many freshman year nights I lost a staring contest with my ceiling. I can't tell you why I ignored Hillel my first semester. I can tell you that when I showed the slightest interest in the University of Miami Hillel, their doors flew open. We baked challah, explored Rio de Janeiro and Israel together and had Israel Independence Day celebrations in South Beach (because when you're in Miami...). Hillel tugged, prodded, guided and supported me to become the leader I am today. I work for Hillel International because I want each and every student to have the same opportunities I had at the University of Miami Hillel."
- Alex Rabhan, 2016


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